Membership & registration is available to anyone 18 years of age or older who owns or operates a legal business within the United States. All companies are required to show proof of Insurance & Liability if you are seeking to trade in the Home Improvement Market to ensure customer property protection. The purpose of Rendyn LLC is not to only help every business grow & profit it takes pride in partnering with company’s who are dedicated in offering professional products & services to all its customers who are being referred out to. Customers expect the best & we have an obligation to give them just that. Rendyn LLC expects that your company will trade fair & that you are honest in your referral submissions. A: CONDUCT & ETHICS

  1. You promise NOT to conduct any fraudulent or business activity with Rendyn LLC Markets while submitting or receiving referral leads online.
  2. You must treat all customers within the Rendyn referral market exchange with respect and integrity.
  3. Any & all referrals must be a true referral meaning the customer has approved of the request to submit for a referral or that your company feels the customer needs the product or service with respect to true customer needs.
  4. Referrals are NOT to be submitted if the customer has denied a request to submit out for one or if the customer truly does not have a need for the referral product or service you are asking for. Examples for a NONE need would be a customer you submitted a referral out for Heating & AC though the customer has a brand new system. This would be a none need for the customer and this would not be an acceptable referral to submit on


  1. All companies trading on Rendyn LLC are allowed to submit up to 2 referral leads per customer.
  2. Any & ALL referral leads given to your company by Rendyn LLC are not allowed to be re-referred by your company for another referral on Rendyn LLC markets. Once your company has been given a referral you may not re-submit that customer’s information again to try and receive another referral. Rendyn LLC tracks all referral submissions and if a re-submission is found out from your company Rendyn LLC is allowed to cancel, suspend or permanently close your company’s subscription to any & all markets.
  3. If your company is found to be submitting referrals that are consistently being denied or Re-Directed back and found not to be a “True Referral” either passive or Direct. Rendyn LLC reserves the right to cancel, suspend or permanently close your companies subscription to any & all markets.


  1. All companies are allowed to submit both Direct & Passive Referrals. Both of these are very beneficial to your company, allowing your business to build up your client list & get future business as well as profiting from any business you get from the referral itself.
  2. A Direct referral is one that has been confirmed by your customer allowing you to refer to them services needed. This referral has been given to you either verbally or via written consent to send out their information to be contacted for the service they require.
  3. A Passive Referral is one that you are submitting because either the customer has discussed options to look into getting that service or product done on their property. Though do to time or circumstance you either we unable to ask for the referral knowing that they are need of this service or you through discussion heard them talk about getting the product or service in the present time or future.


  1. If your sales or service representative has been told NO by a customer to submitting their information out to be referred though it is submitted anyway. This is a HIGH Risk referral that if found to be problematic with the customer to which Rendyn LLC has to get involved to resolve the issue we at Rendyn LLC reserve the right if deemed necessary to cancel, suspend or permanently close your company’s subscription to any & all markets. Rendyn LLC takes pride in keeping our markets fair & safe for every company to trade on. These type of forced referrals are unacceptable on our markets.


  1. The market “tone” is defined by how slow or fast your referrals are given & received on the Rendyn referral markets.
  2. Rendyn LLC does not control how many referrals are being submitted on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.
  3. Your company is credited a referral once your company has submitted in a referral on the market via The time to which your company will now be given a referral back “flow” is solely dependent upon the time & date of your submission as well as your company’s referral ratio. We are dedicated in fulfilling your company’s needs & will consistently submit any referral your company is allotted within a timely manner.


  1. Rendyn LLC does not guarantee customer contacts from any referral referred out to you by another company on Rendyn referral markets. Our rules & regulations are setup to limit these occurrences from happening though are limited when dealing with outside referral sources.
  2. We do guarantee that we at Rendyn LLC will consistently monitor each trade and are here to keep an accountability to each and every business that is trading on our markets.

Rendyn LLC is solely an online market that acts as an intermediary trading platform for your business to exchange referrals with other businesses. To learn more about Rendyn LLC’s rights please read our “Terms & Conditions” or “Privacy Policy” Thank You for Joining the Rendyn Referral Exchange Market!

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