How it works?

Anytime you have a customer that is in need of a service that you don’t provide you can submit the customers information onto the Rendyn™ and trade it with another company that provides that particular service. 

In return you will be given a lead that is particular to your industry.

Sending a referral

Step 1 – Go to

Click on the Red “Submit Referral” Button as shown below.

You may click on the Button to see what the referral submission form looks like. 

It will ask for your Network Trading ID #

This number will be given out to your company once you have become a member and have joined a Referral Network. 

Step 2 – Fill in the form with your customers information & the service category they are in need of.

Step 3 – Hit Submit and your done!

Receiving a referral

Once the next referral lead for your service industry has been submitted to the Referral Network our staff will then contact the customer to vet and confirm the lead. Once it is confirmed we will send you the completed referral entry form that your peer who is apart of your Referral Network has sent to you with all the customers information on it. 

Referral fee

After the referral lead has been sent to your company we will charge you a $39 referral fee.

We send invoices out on the 1st & 15th of every month of the total confirmed referral leads given to your company during that billing period.