Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum amount is 2 referrals per customer. We keep track of every single referral submitted to the referral network and will know if more than two submissions for the same customer have been sent. If so we will not count that referral to your company. 

For more information on Rendyn™ LLC’s right to cancel a referral submission please refer to our terms and conditions page.  

Yes! Every referral your company submits to the referral network will receive a referral back. 

The tone of the referral network is the sole factor in your company getting a referral back as quick as possible. One of our main jobs here at Rendyn™ LLC is to make sure the network is fully saturated with businesses who are trading. We do not control the volume of referrals submitted on a daily/weekly or monthly basis. 

Rendyn™ is also responsible for keeping trades fair and honest. This means we delegate who gets referrals first. All submissions are time/date stamped as well as your company percentages of submitted and received referrals are tracked 24/7.  

Rendyn™ LLC is solely an online referral network that acts as an intermediary trading platform for your businesses to exchange referrals with other businesses. To learn more about Rendyn™ LLC’s rights please read our “Terms & Conditions”.

No, Rendyn™ LLC does not share any of the referral submissions with any other company in the referral network. Once you receive a referral on the Rendyn™ Referral Network it is your’s alone. Rendyn™ takes pride in helping your company grow and profit. We would never want to create competition to interfere with your sales reps. 

YES! Rendyn™ LLC does contact every customer referral submission that are sent to the referral network. We exclusively focus on giving your company the highest quality referral possible so we may help your company succeed & give your sales reps the highest possible chance of closing the sell. 

To learn more about Rendyn™ LLC’s rights please read our “Terms & Conditions”.

To submit a referral go to™ and select to “Submit Referral” Button.

Once selected you will then be given a list of questions to fill out regarding your customers information and to what industry your customer is seeking the referral on. Other questions such as level of interest, how you came about selecting to refer this customer out for the service your referring to & the customers contact information will all be asked in this process. 

Rendyn™ LLC offers a 1 year membership to active your trading ID # that is good for your entire year your registered on the referral network or if you cancel services.

To learn more about Rendyn™ LLC’s rights please read our “Terms & Conditions

Rendyn™ LLC is a pay per lead company & requires a membership registration fee to activate your trading ID # that we provide to your company once you are registered.

Initial Registration Fee $199.00 to join the Referral market & activate your trading ID#. 

$39 for every confirmed lead we submit to your company

We bill your company after we send your team the confirmed referral lead. 

Note: All registrations are subject to change. For more information on Rendyn™ LLC’s billing & subscription policy please read our “Terms & conditions”.

Yes, though we would hate to lose you as a client. If your company is looking to cancel you can simply visit our “Contact us” page and email us with “Cancel My Subscription” in the subject line. Once you have cancelled a subscription your market trading ID will be discontinued after 10 business days of your cancellation request. If you choose to return you will need to re-register again to receive a new market trading ID.  

For more information on Rendyn™ LLC’s billing & subscription policy please read our “Terms & conditions”. 

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