What is Rendyn™?

Rendyn™ is an Online Referral Network that connects companies together for the sole purpose of trading customer referrals with one another.

Anytime you have a customer that is in need of a service that you don’t provide you can submit the customers information onto Rendyn™ and trade it with another company that provides that particular service. 

In return you will be given a lead that is particular to your industry.

How it works?

Step 1 – Become a member and join the network of your service industry. 

Step 2 – Start submitting customer referrals and begin trading with your service industry peers.

Why Rendyn™?

All leads are called and confirmed by our staff prior to being sent. They will not be given or sold to another company in your service industry, leaving your representatives stress free to meet with clients without the frustration of other competitors at the same location. Our costs per lead are more than fair compared to other lead generating companies

Rendyn™ is the hallmark of what true referral leads should look like. We provide companies with the highest level of vetted opportunity calls on the market that are proven to close at a higher rates well up to 70-80%.

100% Confirmed Leads

Every single customer referral submitted onto Rendyn.com™ is 100% confirmed by our staff. We talk to each and every customer to ensure you are getting the highest level of call possible. You will NEVER run a non-confirmed lead!

No Competition

We eliminate any competition for your sales reps by only giving your company the referral lead assigned to you. We do not share or sell your lead with another company. Any lead given to your company by the Rendyn™ Referral Network is your’s alone.

Referrals Close At Higher Rates

"Every company wants and needs more referrals to grow its business. Referrals convert better, close faster and have a higher customer lifetime value than any other type of lead. Companies with formalized referral programs experience 86% more revenue growth over the past two years when compared to the rest and 30% of companies surveyed have a formalized referral program." -Influitive 

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$ 199 Annual Membership Fee

Pay-Per Referral

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$ 39 per lead