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Who we are

Rendyn LLC is a lead generating referral company that provides home improvement companies with referral leads that have been sent to us by other home improvement companies.

A large percentage of your customers are in need of other services that your company simply does not provide. With our help your company can now turn this situation into something positive & lucrative for your business.  

Rendyn offers your company access to our “Referral Exchange Market.” It is within this marketplace that we connect you with other businesses both small & large for the sole purpose of exchanging customer referrals. If your customers are in need of a product or service that your company does not provide, simply submit their information onto our marketplace via Rendyn.com

In exchange for submitting the customers information onto the marketplace you will now be credited & given the next available lead for your companies services. 

 Not only does this provide your company with another avenue of generating new leads it allows your company to maximize every dollar within your marketing budget. 

Our Goal

The goal of Rendyn is provide your company with exceptional leads to increase sales & save you money on wasted marketing avenues that are not generating good returns.   

We strive to provide a safe and secure way for companies to exchange referral leads fairly while monitoring the market to make sure every company is receiving their fair share. 

Here at Rendyn LLC we want to create an environment where businesses of all shapes & sizes can come together to help one another grow and succeed. 



What Rendyn Provides

Rendyn provides your company with a solution to customers wanting to have other services done that your company does not provide. 

We provide a safe and secure online market that we monitor to provide you with exceptional service.

Rendyn is the hallmark of what true customer leads should look like. We provide companies with the highest level of vetted opportunity calls on the market that are proven to close at a higher rates well up to 70-80%.

Every single customer referral submitted onto Rendyn.com is confirmed by our staff. We talk to each and every customer to ensure you are getting the highest level of call possible. 

We eliminate any competition for your sales reps by only giving your company the referral assigned to you. We do not share or sell your lead with another company. Any lead given to your company on Rendyn.com is your’s alone. 

We provide formal training & literature for your business and its sales reps to better support them while they are selling or working with your customers.   

The key to Our Success

Rendyn for a fraction of your current marketing budget can more than double your current monthly total leads your company is generating. The way this is possible is that Rendyn allows for your company to submit up to 2 referrals per customer that you have. 

If your current marketing budget is generating 100 leads a month Rendyn gives your company the potential of turning that 100 into another 200 leads all for a fraction of what your current marketing budget got you. 

How it works

Step 1: Register your company to receive a market trading ID #

Step 2: Purchase a registration package

Step 3: Start receiving & sending referral leads!

For more information or FAQ’s:  Click Here


Our Story

Founder & CEO Kevin White was working in the home service industry and came across an idea when he noticed that the majority of all his customers were in need of other services that he did not provide. He began designing a system that would now allow companies to leverage that situation and turn it into something positive for companies. His faith & intuition help build this online infrastructure that would forever change the way companies refer business with one another. 

New way of doing business!

Here at Rendyn LLC we simply offer your company another powerful marketing tool to add to your portfolio. If your company is seeking something different such as a fresh new way to increase your profits and generate new leads. Then Rendyn is a perfect place to start to help you accomplish and fulfill those goals. 

We invite you to join our markets to experience an exciting new way that companies are growing and profiting by trading referrals online. 

We are looking forward to having your company join us as we all grow together! 

- Since 2018 -
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