Our story

Founder & CEO Kevin White was working in the home service industry as an HVAC sales rep and was tired of running leads that came from lead generating companies. The frustration of arriving at a customers house only to find other company’s waiting in line to give an estimate at the same time was daunting in his mind. He thought to himself that there needs to be another way for companies to get high quality leads that are not being sold to other companies or going to cost businesses a lot of money.

Every lead generating company he found on the market was providing leads to company’s by focusing on getting a person to signup for a quote and then selling that customers information out to multiple companies to let you battle it out for the sell. This traditional form of lead generating does NOT benefit businesses in any way and only benefits the lead gen company and the person who signs up to get the quote. 

The Rendyn™ Referral Network was specifically designed with the focus of benefiting businesses. The most effective way of generating high qualified leads and solving the issues described is by having businesses working together to benefit one another.

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