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Rendyn LLC is a lead generating referral company that provides home improvement companies with referral leads that have been sent to us by other home improvement companies.

A large percentage of your customers are in need of other services that your company simply does not provide. With our help your company can now turn that situation into something positive & lucrative for your business. 

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Referral Exchange Market

Once your company has joined we give your company access to what we call our “Referral Exchange Market” which allows you to send in your customers information who are in need of other services that your company does not provide. In doing so we give your company a new confirmed referral lead that has been sent to us from another company. This referral lead will be confirmed by our staff prior to being sent to your company & will never be sold to any other company eliminating competition for your sales reps.   

We simply provide a way for home improvement businesses to trade customer referrals with one another fairly & safely. We are here to serve your companies & to provide the best leads possible to your teams so every company with us can grow and increase sales. 

Why Rendyn?

Rendyn is the hallmark of what true customer leads should look like. We provide companies with the highest level of vetted opportunity calls on the market that are proven to close at a higher rates well up to 70-80%.

Every single customer lead is confirmed by our staff. We talk to each and every customer to ensure you are getting the highest level of call possible. 

  • We eliminate any competition for your sales reps by only giving your company the referral lead assigned to you. We do not share or sell your lead with another company. Any lead given to your company on Rendyn.com is your’s alone. 
  • We provide formal training & literature for your business and its sales reps to better support them while they are selling or working with your customers.   
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Founder & CEO

-Find a Problem & Build the Solution-

Kevin White

Why referrals are best for business

“Every Company wants and needs more referrals to grow its business. Referrals convert better, close faster and have a higher customer lifetime value than any other type of lead. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have the one thing they need to generate more of the high-quality referral leads quarter after quarter: a formalized referral process.

New research from Influitive and Heinz Marketing demonstrates that referral programs are the key to greater lead volumes, lower marketing costs and better sales forecasts.

Companies with formalized referral programs experience 86% more revenue growth over the past two years when compared to the rest & Only 30% of companies surveyed have a formalized referral program.”  -Influitive

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