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Interior Referral

HVAC, Plumbing, Windows, Insulation, Electrical, Foam/Radiant Barrier, Flooring, Carpentry, Duct Cleaning, Water/Fire Restoration, Painter, Drywall, Bath & Kitchen Remodeling

Exterior Referral

Roofing, Siding, Gutters, Foundation, Landscaping, Lawn care, Pest Control, Pool & Spa, Fencing, Irrigation, Patio Renovation & Design, Shelters & Pergolas 

New way of doing business!

Let’s Grow Together

Rendyn™ is a Referral Exchange Market. It is a Community where Home Improvement Companies join together for the sole purpose of trading customer leads with one another. 

Every time one of these companies has a customer who needs a product or service that they do not provide they are able to submit that customers information onto the community market and trade it with another company for a new lead for their product or service. 

Rendyn is the trading platform that monitors trades, contacts customers & keeps the community fair & honest. 

All referral leads that are sent onto the community market are 100% called & confirmed by our staff prior to being sent to anyone. We do not give your lead to another company of the same category so you will have no competition.  

Every company who is joined up has the ability within the community to generate an unlimited amount of their own leads by helping another company out. We have over 26 home improvement service categories joined up trading within the marketplace.

This Community marketplace is not here to take the place of your current marketing portfolio but should be used as an added tool to be used in conjunction to help generate new leads from out of your current leads that you are generating. 

What is the cost?

There is a one time only Registration fee of $99.98 which will give you access to the market forever & will activate your trading ID # that we will issue out to your company once you are registered. 

We do NOT charge for sending in leads onto the community market. Your company is able to send in up to 2 leads per customer that you have. Once they are sent to the community market we will contact them to confirm the lead & vet the call. Once it is confirmed your company will be credited a lead back and the next available lead for your companies category will be given to your team. It is at this point once the confirmed lead has been sent to your team that you will be charged $49. We will NEVER send your team a non-confirmed call.

Rendyn™ is a pay-per lead service & offers your company the highest level of vetted opportunity calls in the Industry!

We look forward to having you join the community marketplace where companies are joined up together for the benefit of all! 

What we are not

We are not a lead generating company seeking to send you cheap leads & sell them to your competition. Rendyn™ was designed for the sole purpose of helping businesses & wanted to create an environment that allows companies both small & large to come together to help one another out. We want to bring back a helping mentality where companies of all kinds can help each other grow and succeed. 

We are honored to be apart of this community market & look forward to working with each of you!    

Start Trading Today

Community Market Registration

$ 99
one time registration fee

Pay-Per Lead

only leads we send your company
$ 49 per lead


100% Confirmed Leads

Every single customer referral submitted onto™ is 100% confirmed by our staff. We talk to each and every customer to ensure you are getting the highest level of call possible. You NEVER pay unless it’s confirmed!

No Competition

We eliminate any competition for your sales reps by only giving your company the referral assigned to you. We do not share or sell your lead with another company. Any lead given to your company on™ is your’s alone.

Referral Back Guarantee

In exchange for submitting the customers information onto the marketplace you will now be credited & given the next available lead for your companies services.

Fair Market Monitoring

We provide a safe and secure online market that we monitor to provide you & your customer with exceptional service.

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