HOw the market works

Take your leads from all of your current marketing avenues

Home Adviser, Angie’s List, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Twitter, Thumbtack, Billboards, T.V. commercials, Newspapers, Door hangers, Mailing list, Cold calling, Lead generation services, and more. 

Submit them as a Referral on the Rendyn Referral Exchange market

Take your leads & start asking your customers if they are interested in any other products. If so submit their information on our market and in turn receive a referral back from another company doing the same as you. 

4 Step Process

Step 1: Registration

  • Fill out a Registration Form
  • Once approved your company will be given a Market Trading ID #
  • This ID will be used to track your referral submissions & Allow Rendyn to send you Direct Referrals
  • Only 1 ID per category is given to a company

If your Company would like to Register for multiple Categories, please be sure to register for each one.

Step 2: Purchase a Subscription

The Rendyn Exchange offers 3 Subscription Packages

  • 1 Year 
  • 6 Months 
  • 3 Months
To see price listings please CLICK HERE.

Step 3: Submit A Referral

Have your Sales or Service Reps submit referrals onto the Rendyn Exchange Marketplace. 

  1. Have them go to and click on the “Submit Referral” button. 
  2. Fill out & complete the Referral Form  & submit to the Market. 
  • All Sales or Service Reps may submit up to 2 Referral Categories per customer. 

To know more about this Referral process please read below.

Example of a Referral situation:

Air conditioning Rep is in Attic and notices Insulation level is very low & that his roof is leaking or has holes.

  • Refer for Insulation & roofing company = 2 more HVAC Referrals for your company!

Step 4: Receive a Rendyn Referral

Once you have submitted a Referral you will then be given a Direct referral back for your company industry.


  • Your company (HVAC) has submitted a (Insulation) referral on The Rendyn Exchange.
  • The Rendyn Market will now submit to your company a Direct HVAC referral given to you by another company.

(This Referral given to your company could have come from anyone of the 17 other Home Improvement Category companies Registered on Rendyn who had a Customer interested in your Product or Services.)

Now that you have the Referral go Connect with the Customer, Set up an Appointment and Sell, Grow & Profit! 


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